Cubicle 7 GenCon Report 2015

We're setting back into work after another hugely successful Gen Con! Here's a quick run down on what happened at the show.

We had several new releases at Gen Con, but something we've made a point of mentioning for the last couple of years is that we make and release great games all year round not just at Gen Con.

Debuting at the show this year were Keltia, SOE Handbook, The Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set, Ruins of the North and The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook and some specially flown in copies of The Lone Wolf Adventure Game.

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The big story for us was doubtless Lone Wolf, which flew off the stand, selling out on Saturday. Having Joe Dever, the creator of Lone Wolf, as a guest was an honour and a privilege, and gave Gen Con goers a unique chance to meet Joe and get their boxed sets signed.
Visitors to the booth included Wil Wheaton (a lone time Lone Wolf fan) and Frank Mentzer, a long time friend of Joe.
Regardless of whether gaming superstars or mere mortal gamers, Joe gave every single Lone Wolf fan a big slice of his time and attention, and as ever it was inspiring to be in his company.
Joe Dever
At the heart of our booth was the Tower of Power, which is fast becoming a landmark in the exhibit hall. This year it was home to some LWAG related visitors.

The Lone Wolf Boxed Set will be available to buy in all good game stores in September. It costs just $30.

Meanwhile across the booth Keltia authors Neko and Florrent were on hand to sign copies of our newest translated release. It was striking just how many industry people came by to collect a copy of Keltia. Whilst we were frustrated that the first supplement for Keltia, Avalon, missed the show by a whisker, look out for that one hitting game stores in short order!

Of course another new arrival for the show was the Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set, along with the campaign hardcover The Curse of Nineveh, and two supporting journals. These were a big hit, with a great many attendees taking the first opportunity to grab all four supplements. With a line of books appearing all at once it certainly gave us some head scratching moments as we tried to fit in all the great stuff we wanted to show off!

The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook joined Doctors First to Eighth, and it's really gratifying to see the collection building up. We're almost done! (For the present time at least...)
TS and the Doctor

Ruins of the North making an appearance meant a lot of our One Ring fans were able to collect both Rivendell and it's accompanying adventure supplement in one go. And we sold a crazy amount of green TOR dice!

We noticed that almost everyone who purchased the brand new SOE Handbook for World War Cthulhu were quiet, dare we say slightly haunted, individuals? We're sure this is complete coincidence.

As usual at Gen Con we had a series of very exciting meetings that for now must remain secret, but do stay tuned. We also got to show off some advance production samples to our distributors for some games we cannot yet talk about.

Dom's birthday fell within the four days of the show, so we got him a cake!:
Whilst there Dom also gave this interview with The Gaming Gang:

We caught up with lots of our friends from our brother and sister games companies. Best of all we got to meet so many of you – the gaming public. And at the risk of falling into cliché, it's always really, truly heartening to have face to face time with you, our customers.

Thanks to both our booth team (Andrew, Dom, James, Jon, Ken, and Walt), and forum regular Zedturtle who mucked in, and the C7 GM team for all their hard work in making it a truly fantastic year.  See you next time!

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