Cubicle 7 Call of Cthulhu Sale!

Following our announcement that our Call of Cthulhu license is set to expire on January the 1st 2018, we are throwing a grand everything-must-go sale on all our Cthulhu lines! It begins today with physical copies, so squirm over to our store right now and ensnare a bargain in your slavering mandibles.

Here's the science part:
• On January 1st 2018 we will take all of our current, licensed Call of Cthulhu products off sale permanently. They will not be sold by Cubicle 7 after that date.

• Before 1st January we’re reducing the price on almost all of our Call of Cthulhu licensed game titles. These are: World War Cthulhu: Cold War, World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour, The Laundry, and Cthulhu Britannica.

• You may still see some of these fine games in your local game store for a month or two, but there will be no restocks available. As they sell out they will not be replenished.

• These games will not be reprinted or republished by Cubicle 7 in their current form using the Call of Cthulhu rules.

• Currently, our plan is to reboot these lines with a new system or systems. It is a little too early in that process to confirm any more details with regard to the potential for backwards compatibility. We're exploring a lot of exciting options right now, and we will keep you posted on our website, newsletter and social media.

• Because some of these titles are newly released, and pre-orders have been only open a short time, we will not be discounting those titles out of respect for our customers who pre-ordered or Kickstarted those titles. A huge thank you to those customers – we really appreciate your support.

We hope you have enjoyed our Call of Cthulhu settings and supplements. We certainly had a great time working on them.

C7 Store links:
World War Cthulhu Lines
The Laundry
Cthulhu Britannia

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