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We're delighted to be able to show off the cover to the forthcoming, final installment in the Kuro saga: Kuro TenseiKuro is our near-future game setting influenced by unremitting Japanese horror, part of our series of translated games that also includes Yggdrasill, Keltia and Qin.

See the cover and read more about Kuro Tensei behind the cut!


Japan, 2047. A mysterious island has emerged from the depths of the Pacific. Accompanied by a supernatural Red Storm, the island appeared from beneath the waves to open the gate of Yomi-No-Kuni and unleash a tide of tainted creatures, vile Oni and insane Yokai too long locked away in the grey lands of death.

Caught up in the Red Storm, simple humans have discovered that they have a supernatural heritage and are descended from the Kami. While some refused their heritage, others have accepted their fate and chosen to die to fulfill their destinies.

From now on, the heroes of the Kuro saga are no longer ordinary individuals confronting the supernatural. True heroes, fighters charged with closing the gates of Yomi, armed with Ki swords, incantations or destructive o-fuda, they form the new army of the Emperor.

Kuro Tensei is the final part of the Kuro trilogy, and will be available to pre-order soon - keep an eye on the website for more information!

About Kuro

kuro cover 500

The year is 2046, and something dark has returned to Japan. With an international blockade set up around the beleaguered country following the Kuro Incident, there is no escape. In addition to the meteorological side-effects of the Incident, some people have noticed a sharp rise in disturbing, mysterious and supernatural occurrences. The authorities refuse to acknowledge such obvious sensationalist delusions. Do you have the strength to face the nightmares?

Kuro is a near-future game setting influenced by unremitting Japanese horror.  The Kuro Core Rulebook is available for purchase in PDF now from rpgnow and as part of the print plus PDF bundle on the C7 webstore. It is also available in all good gaming stores.


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Order the print version of the Kuro Core Rulebook (with free PDF) at the C7 webstore
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Order the print version of Makkura (with free PDF) at the C7 webstore
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