Coming Soon: Bestiary of the Beyond for Lone Wolf Adventure Game

You've seen the magnificent beginner-friendly Lone Wolf Adventure Game box that's just stuffed with high-end material - 3 books, maps, handouts, tokens gorgeous gatefold character sheets - all for just thirty bucks/twenty pounds. You've expanded your games with the wealth of new character options in Heroes of Magnamund. You've taken to the road in search of glory in Adventures of the Kai, and you expanded your bestiary of deadly foes with Magnamund Menagerie!

Coming soon is an invaluable addition to that range of foes: the Bestiary of the Beyond.

This is where you'll find all the really weird and wonderful stuff for your Kai Lords to face. When combined with theĀ Magnamund Menagerie you'll have access to every single Lone Wolf adversary and creature, all comprehensively detailed and statted, with tips on how to deploy them in your game, along with fascinating insights into the lore and history of Magnamund.

Lone Wolf Adventure Game Books sold millions of copies in the 1980s, and so many of us cut our gaming teeth in the world of Magnamund. We're honoured to be able to invite you back to Joe Dever's epic world. For Sommerlund and the Kai!

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