Dominic and the Cubicle 7 Team will be in London at Dragonmeet on Saturday December 1st. So, if you have any burning questions on WFRP or any of our games and you want the latest news and updates, you can get your tickets here: https://www.dragonmeet.co.uk


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We wanted to update you all on WFRP as there's been a few messages heading out over the last few days and we don’t want you to miss anything!

Warhammer Free Adventure: Good news, get the gang together because our FREE adventure is ready and available to download now! Click here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/259270/WFRP-Ubersreik-Adventures--If-Looks-Could-Kill?affiliate_id=169435&fbclid=IwAR1vve9jc6-fkSlbnym2yUcbCggKqbQxX7grwEwjrKwMJoCG_cVGkjNdJXE

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition:

If you pre-ordered in Europe /USA: you should have received your copy, if you haven’t email us at info@cubicle7.co.uk as all orders have gone out.

If you pre-ordered from the rest of the world: you should probably have received your copy although some countries furthest from Ireland might still have a week or so to wait. If you’re concerned then please email us at info@cubicle7.co.uk and we’ll look into it.

If you live in Europe and want to buy WFRP: your local games shop should have some in stock.

If you live in the United States and want to buy WFRP: Shops will have copies from December 12th, we suggest you grab these quick as demand is high!

Alternatively, you can order directly from us and you will receive the PDF, however you will have to wait for the 2nd print run in December for your book as our current stock has sold out. Buy here: http://shop.cubicle7store.com/epages/es113347.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es113347_shop/Products/CB72400

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay LIMITED EDITION: We wanted this to be perfect which meant we unexpectedly had to make some last-minute improvements to the packaging. The printers are on track to get them to us in early December and we will get them out to you as soon as possible. If you pre-ordered you will have received an email. If you haven’t, please alert us at: info@cubicle7.co.uk

Some Limited Editions will be going into stores but it will be in very short supply.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Starter Set: This is looking great and is almost there, following the knock-on delays from the rulebook. More info as we have it!

We also talked about the new office and the new members of the Cubicle 7 team. This growth will help us to communicate more, and better support our games. We’re really excited about the future – thanks for bearing with us through some frustrations this year, and we look forward to many years of adventure in the Old World and all the other wonderful settings we explore.

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Hello Everyone!

It’s been an incredibly busy few months moving into Cubicle 7’s new home. It’s our first office that’s had its own front door, and it gives us all the working and warehouse space we need - until I fill this one with games and minis too, at least!

I’m very excited to be able to put the plans into action that were waiting on the move. As well as the growth in working space, we’ve also recruited five new members of staff across a range of areas, giving us the opportunity to make sure all our games are supported as well as possible. And yes, one of those new people will be making sure we communicate regularly, so you’ll be hearing more from me and the team over the coming months and years.

I hope everyone who ordered WFRP from us has their copy – please contact info@cubicle7.co.uk if you are still waiting. The positive reception has been wonderful, it’s always nerve-wracking as a designer, but I’m delighted as well as relieved! We’re starting our next campaign on Thursday when my co-designer Andy Law starts running us through the Director’s Cut of The Enemy Within, I can’t wait!

And the starter set is looking awesome, it’s running later than I’d like due to the knock-on from the rulebook delay, but it’s well worth the wait – here’s a sneaky advance look at the dice!

There are so many exciting things in the pipeline, and while much of it won’t be announced for a little while, there’s lots for fans of our games to look forward to: WFRP, AoS, TOR, AME, Doctor Who, Lone Wolf and more – 2019 and beyond looks awesome.

Chat soon,

Dominic McDowall

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Have you heard we're hiring? If you're a writer or artist and want to be part of our team creating tabletop RPGs, then we want to hear from you! Details below.

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Advance copies of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition Rulebook have arrived, and they look great!

The main stock is following behind, and we'll have more news as those shipments start arriving in the various warehouses!

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You can find a bargain on The One Ring™ PDFs, get a discount for the Cubicle 7 webstore and support a great charity all at the same time over on Humble Bundle. But don’t delay, it’s for a limited time only!


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From the WFRP First Edition archive - a complete guide to the great city of Middenheim!


Ancient and imposting, the walled city of Middenheim perches atop a sheer-sided pinnacle of rock. On all sides stretches Drak Wald forest, where Beastmen dwell, and not far to the north lie the spawning-grounds of Chaos. Middenheim has stoof here for over two thousand years;yet while the solidity and majesty of the city seem to say that it will endure for centuries more, there are some withint he city who wish it and its inhabitants a very different fate…

Middenheim: City of Chaos is a detailed guide to the greatest of the Empire’s three City-States, the home of the cult of Ulrich, the God of War, Wolves and Winter, and the popel who control it. This book comes complete with a full-colour poster-sized map of the city and is packed with information.

History, campaign ideas, ‘cameo’ adventures, NPCs, dozens of superbly detailed locations; there’s enough to keep the most active of adventurers busy for months.

This PDF combines material originally published by Hogshead Publishing in 1998.

We’ve painstakingly scanned every page, and created a PDF that maintains the appearance of the original. This does make for a slightly larger file than we’d normally produce, but on this occasion, we think it’s worth it for all the great First Edition feel! The PDF is also extensively bookmarked for ease of reference.

Download now at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/250285/Warhammer-Fantasy-Roleplay-First-Edition--Middenheim-City-of-Chaos?affiliate_id=169435

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Pre-order customers should look out for  emails about how to get ready to download the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Rulebook pdf as soon as it is released.  You won’t be able to access the PDF yet. But watch this space, it's coming very very soon! And is totally worth the wait.

This release is a preview edition, as we wanted to let our great fans see this as soon as possible to say sorry for the delays so far. It is complete apart from the last map, page refs and the index. A complete PDF will be re-uploaded soon.

We are as excited as you to release the game and apologise for any confusion caused by the emails which went out today. We are learning from this experience and will make things simpler in the future.

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In preparation for the launch of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Rulebook in PDF, we have made a pre-order page on DrivethruRPG and RPGNow. This won’t be a long pre-order period, the PDF will be uploaded within a week – the pre-order means everyone can receive the PDF at the same time.

The PDF preorder page is here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/248284/Warhammer-Fantasy-Roleplay-Rulebook-PREORDER?affiliate_id=169435

We offer a complimentary PDF with the physical book when you buy from a retailer participating in the Bits and Mortar scheme, or from the Cubicle 7 webstore. Directly from us, the PDF is delivered through DrivethruRPG/RPGNow, and because we feel it’s important that pre-order customers don’t have to wait while we send out links to their copy, we set it up in advance so that everyone gets access to the book at the same time.

You can find out more about the book pre-orders here http://shop.cubicle7store.com/epages/es113347.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es113347_shop/Categories/Warhammer_Fantasy_Roleplay

The rulebook is almost complete, but so you don’t have to wait any longer than strictly necessary, we’ll first release a preview edition, which is complete apart from the last map (which will be in the endpapers of the book) and the index (we want to make a great index, and that is a lengthy process!). Unless there’s a disaster, these last parts will be completed within 2 weeks and the complete PDF will be re-uploaded for you.

Not only does this mean that you can have a look as soon as possible, it also means a greater opportunity for any errors or omissions you spot to be incorporated before we go to print.

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Magic is one of the defining aspects of the Old World. Here’s a sneak peek at how we’ve handled it.

Gone are the days of magic points or a discrete magic statistic: we use the same core system for casting spells as we use for all skills. Spellcasters simply make a Language (Magick) Test. If their Success Level equals the Casting Number of the spell, bingo! The spell is cast. Fail, and it isn’t. Fumble, and you’ve Miscast, and something bad is about to happen…

Miscasts can be really nasty. The Winds of Magic are extraordinarily powerful, and spellcasters must perfectly phrase their spells whilst carefully channelling the magic needed to power them in order to escape unharmed. The slightest error, and the magic will spiral out of control, sometimes to devastating effect. If lucky, the repercussions will be minor — soured milk, or your nose begins to bleed; if unlucky, the spellcaster, and any close by, may be torn apart by the wild, uncontrolled magic.Image 1

To cast more powerful spells (those with higher Casting Numbers) a wizard may use the Channelling skill to draw in the Winds of Magic. While this offers the spellcaster more power, it comes with an attendant risk, making miscasts even more likely.

 (Also making miscasts more likely is the pervasive influence of the Ruinous Powers, but good folk of the Empire never involve themselves with such horrors, so we should probably move on quickly…)

If spellcasters Overcast, which means achieving more Success Levels than needed, they may choose additional effects, such as additional range or duration. In practice, this means more experienced spellcasters can achieve more powerful outcomes.

Most wizards begin by manifesting tricks in the form of Petty Magic. Taking the Petty Magic Talent gives a wizard access to a handful of Petty Spells, and they may learn more by expending XP.

When spellcasters gain the more potent Arcane Magic Talent, they gain access to one spell from the lore of magic they are studying. More spells may be learned by expending even more XP.

Fortunately, there are many spells available to buy. Magic wielding players are spoiled for choice, with 135 to choose from in the core book alone.

That breaks down as follows:

  • 25 Petty Spells

Low-level cantrips with minor effects, like Magic Light or Protection from Rain.

  • 23 Arcane Spells

These are universal spells, representing the most common applications of Magic in the Old World. These include conjuring magical weapons, or armour, magic missiles or chain attacks, or causing foes to drop weapons.

  • 64 Colour Spells

These spells reflect the key attributes of the 8 Winds of Magic what blow through the Warhammer World. Spells from the Lore of Beasts allow Shamen to influence animals or change their form, while those for the Lore of Shadows are subtler, including illusions, spells of concealment, and the ability to choke foes with tendrils of shadowy magic.

  • 6 Hedgecraft Spells

These spells are used by Hedgefolk, rural witches who practice an ancient, and illegal, brand of magic that allows them to heal and protect, and to engage with the spirit realm.

  • 6 Witchcraft Spells

Practioners of witchcraft are rogue spellcasters, and their Lore spells are particularly nasty, allowing them to blight the landscape, or curse their enemies with bad luck or crippling pain.

  • 11 Dark and Chaos Spells

An initial selection of spells for Daemonology, Necromancy and Chaos Sorcerers are also included, aimed to bolster your NPCs with some unique, characterful spells.

image 3

Spellcasters may learn spells from their own unique lore, and/or the Arcane spells. So a Magister of the Celestial Order may choose spells from the Arcane list and the Lore of Heavens, while a Witch may choose from the Arcane list and the Lore of Witchcraft. That gives players (and GMs) enormous versatility when constructing magic-using characters.

The magic chapter includes rules for ingredients, which can reduce the effects of miscasts (at a cost), as well as dispelling. It also explains how to add flavour to the Arcane spells, reflecting the influence of the wind of magic being channelled. For example, damaging Arcane spells cast by a Wizard with the Arcane Magic (Fire) Talent will set their targets on fire, in addition to other effects.

The rulebook also contains separate rules for clerics who can empower their prayers with divine might. This uses a similar system, and presents 19 minor Blessings, and 60 Miracles, with 6 for each God. Look out for more on those in a future post!

And that’s it for the Magic preview. As always, if you have any comments or questions, head over to our Facebook page, where we will have a member of our design team on hand again.

We’ll be back very soon with another preview and the latest news on the rulebook, which is within touching distance of being finished.

Actually, while you wait, let’s have a glimpse of what’s coming next…

image 4



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