We’re recruiting an Office Assistant for our Swindon, UK headquarters.

This is a permanent job role based in Swindon and is unsuited to remote workers. Applicants are invited to apply with a cover letter and CV through the linked website.

Find out more and apply via:

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We are delighted to announce that Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition PDFs are available once more through drivethrurpg.com and rpgnow.com.

Cubicle 7’s highly anticipated 4th edition of the game will take its cues from the 1st and 2nd editions, so take a look to find out what it’s all about, refresh your memory or fill in those last gaps in your collection.

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... Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide!
Here's a very happy Dom and Jon, receiving the award from special guest John Robertson.
(Photo courtesy of UK Games Expo)

It was a record-breaking year at UK Games Expo, and it’s been a privilege to see the show grow so rapidly over the years. We always enjoy getting a chance to meet our UK customers, and to show off some of the things we have coming up in the coming months. Winning the Best RPG Award was a wonderful finish to another great Expo! Thank you to everyone who kindly voted for Adventures in Middle-earth!

If you haven't grabbed the award-winning Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide you can get it from our web store, brick and mortar stores the world over, or in PDF from DrivethruRPG.


Games Workshop and Cubicle 7 Entertainment have announced the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game, for release in 2018.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar is Games Workshop’s epic tale of heroes, gods and monsters fighting a desperate battle for the fate of the Mortal Realms.
Dominic McDowall, Cubicle 7 CEO said, “The Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting is fantasy at its most imaginative. The Mortal Realms are fascinating, highly evocative and hold endless possibilities for roleplaying. I am enormously excited to explore them with the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game!”

This news follows Cubicle 7’s announcement of the fourth edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay for release in 2017. These two games will be independent game lines with different rulesets.
About C7
Cubicle 7 is a celebrated UK-based creator and publisher of games, specialising in developing games that bring the feel of fan-favourite properties to your tabletop with high quality design and components. www.cubicle7.co.uk
About Games Workshop
Games Workshop® Group PLC (LSE:GAW.L), based in Nottingham, UK, produces the best fantasy miniatures in the world. Games Workshop designs, manufactures, retails, and distributes its range of Warhammer®: Age of Sigmar® and Warhammer® 40,000® games, miniature soldiers, novels and model kits through more than 460 of its own stores (branded Games Workshop® or Warhammer®), the www.games-workshop.com web store and independent retail channels in more than 50 countries worldwide. More information about Games Workshop and its other, related, brands and product ranges (including our publishing division ‘Black Library’ and our special resin miniatures studio ‘Forge World’) can be found at www.games-workshop.com.

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The Bestiary of the Beyond for the Lone Wolf Adventure Game is available to pre-order now!

An invaluable additional volume of monsters and adversaries for the Lone Wolf Adventure Game, this gorgeous book is packed with creatures from the multi-million selling Lone Wolf Gamebooks. Every monster has an illustration, game stats and fascinating additional details about them.

• Agarashi – Creatures of Darkness: Agarashi. Deathstalker, Shape-changer
• Creatures of Magic and Constructs: Drodarin Golem, Rahkos and Tzoog
• Dragon Creatures: Crocaryx, Dragonkin, Zadragon
• Extra-Planar Creatures: Elementals, Ice Demon, Shadow Razor
• Mutants: Beastman, Dhax, Gourgaz and more!
• Making the Most of Your Monsters – advice for the Narrator on how to design and run effective encounters in the Lone Wolf Adventure Game
• Appendix – Providing advice on creating memorable encounters with a series of useful examples, details of the mysterious extinct Agarashi Races.

Written by Joe Dever, Vincent Lazzari, August Hahn and Darren Pearce, and illustrated by Sam Manley and Scott Purdy, Bestiary of the Beyond is a gorgeous full-colour 128 page hardcover.

The PDF is available now, with hard copies expected in the Summer.

• Pre-order now at our web store and get the PDF for free:  http://shop.cubicle7store.com/Bestiary-of-the-Beyond-PDF
• Pre-order at your local Bits and Mortar participating games store and get the PDF free!
• Or just grab the PDF!: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/212685/Lone-Wolf-Adventure-Game--Bestiary-of-the-Beyond?affiliate_id=169435

About the Lone Wolf Adventure Game:

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is a magical, $30 box, stuffed full of wonderful components: gatefold character sheets, books, tokens, maps and handouts. Just the kind of thing we at C7 all loved as kids. We were able to produce something that should cost a lot more through the power of Kickstarter and the support of our lovely backers. It's an amazing set at an affordable price.

In The Lone Wolf Adventure Game you are Kai Lords – brave and noble warrior-monks sworn to protect the realm of Sommerlund from the evil of the Darklords – adventuring across the world of Magnamund. You and your friends will face terrifying enemies and uncover fiendish plots, working together to overcome the wicked plans of the Darklords and emerge victorious!

The game is playable right out of the box – you can be setting off on your first adventure within minutes of opening the box. The game is easy to learn too, the first adventure teaching you how to play.

As you grow in experience, additional features can be added in to give the game additional depth. There are a bunch of these included in the boxed set, and more will be included in forthcoming supplements. Experienced gamers can dive right in with all the options included, while new gamers can tailor the learning curve to their group.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf gamebooks introduced a generation to fantasy gaming – now the legend continues with The Lone Wolf Adventure Game. Epic quests, thrilling combat, and a world of dangerous adventure lie ahead!

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A new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay will be launched by Cubicle 7 Entertainment later this year. The new edition will return players to Warhammer's grim world of perilous adventure, and takes its direction from the first and second editions of the game.

Cubicle 7 CEO Dominic McDowall said, "Like so many gamers I grew up on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It's an iconic setting and I'm thrilled to be working on this new edition of the game. Our team have a huge breadth of experience with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and I’m excited to be able to bring the Cubicle 7 approach to the Old World. We’ll be revealing more of our plans in the coming months, so subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our website!”

About Cubicle 7

Cubicle 7 is a celebrated UK-based creator and publisher of games, specialising in developing games that bring the feel of fan-favourite properties to your tabletop with high quality design and components. www.cubicle7.co.uk

About Games Workshop

Games Workshop® Group PLC (LSE:GAW.L), based in Nottingham, UK, produces the best fantasy miniatures in the world. Games Workshop designs, manufactures, retails, and distributes its range of Warhammer®: Age of Sigmar® and Warhammer® 40,000® games, miniature soldiers, novels and model kits through more than 460 of its own stores (branded Games Workshop® or Warhammer®), the www.games-workshop.com web store and independent retail channels in more than 50 countries worldwide. More information about Games Workshop and its other, related, brands and product ranges (including our publishing division Black Library™ and our special resin miniatures studio Forge World™) can be found at www.games-workshop.com.

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We're going to be launching our Kickstarter for Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign this week!

From Great Cthulhu to the King in Yellow, from the Crawling Chaos to the Black Goat, they are the Old Ones... and they are no myth. They were here on Earth long before the rise of civilized Man, and some — maybe even all, depending who you ask — never left at all. Something keeps the Old Ones’ interest tethered to our planet, and for those people who simply want left to live their ordinary lives in peace, the baleful aims of such entities can only portend doom.

But you are not one of those people.

Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign is a roleplaying game that challenges some of the more traditional conventions of the hobby. In this RPG you assume the role of the cultist, servant, cast-off, or misbegotten child of the Old Ones. In this game you are of the Mythos.

In Sigil & Sign, you are not the all-too-ordinary human. You are the Outsider.

As an Outsider, you are caught between two worlds: the mundane world of humankind and the dark and alien world of the Mythos. You might have been truly human once, but no longer. Or perhaps you’ve never known what it means to be human: many Outsiders are now some generations removed from their origins as homo sapiens.

Unspeakable Sigil & Sign challenges Narrator and player alike to inhabit the protagonists of that secret world; people whose personas, conflicts, themes, views, and philosophies might well stand in stark contrast to those held by the players depicting them. You’ll face stark choices and challenges as you attempt to navigate your way through the twin minefields of mundane human existence and cult life.

As a character brought up in an Old One cult in the 1930s, you might be a true loyalist, a member of what your people call the Oathbound. You might serve in an active capacity, and be called upon to perform strange tasks or investigate even stranger places, all in the pursuit of the greater glory of your otherworldly patron.

Your character might instead be one of the Outcaste, a group of Outsiders who forsake the suffocating welcome of their central cult in order to make their way.

Whatever your personal, spiritual, or philosophical bent, you are an Outsider, and with that inescapable reality comes the dark Primogeniture of the Mythos. With it comes being marked of the Great Sigils: Change, Chaos, Darkness, Death, Madness, Ruin, or Silence.

To be Outsider is to be burdened with difference and increasingly horrid Aberration. But it also signifies that you are truly gifted of the Old Ones and of their eldritch power, capable of wielding some portion of that power, able to call upon unearthly Bequests and perform rituals so dark that none dares conduct them in the light.

Rivalries run deep, and the cults work at cross purposes with one another, so mystery, intrigue, and explosive violence wait around every corner.

The Core Set

Sigil & Sign doesn’t come as a single volume. Its presentation is unique and innovative: the core of this game is a set that includes the following elements:

Setting Corebook: Sigil & Sign divides the “in-world” material — character and setting information — from the game rule information. The setting becomes a lavishly written, designed, and art-directed setting corebook that is full of vital information and essentially system-free, making it appealing to gamers and non-gamers alike.

The Sigil & Sign setting tome will be at least 264 pages of glorious, full-colour cosmic horror goodness, with the potential to be fattened in size via stretch goal content.

Led by creator-developer C.A. Suleiman, the writing team on this book boasts some of the best talent in Mythos, horror, and weird fantasy gaming, including Dennis Detwiller (Delta Green), Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies), Lucya Szachnowski (Strange Aeons), Jesse Heinig (Fallout), Malcolm Sheppard (Mummy: The Curse), and Tim Dedopulos (Cthulhu Lives!).

Play Kit: Separate from our system-free, setting corebook are all the components that make up the crunchier “game” part of Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign, and these we will gather together in a product called the Sigil & Sign Play Kit.

This kit comprises a rules booklet (in this case, Axiom Cthulhu) and two decks of Axiom System cards (108 cards total). Also central to the system are dice and tokens, and if funding goes well (see “The Structure,” below), custom-made dice and tokens will also be slotted into each copy of the Play Kit, along with one or two other additions that might arise thanks to stretch goals.


In addition to the corebook and playkit, we’re also offering four supplements from the get-go:

The Madness of Providence is a Sigil & Sign Scenario that introduces the game and its themes which can be used as a stand-alone adventure or as the start of a campaign.

The Oathbound Hall is a “who’s who” of the Outsider world, showcasing Mark Kelly’s beautiful portraiture as the writing reveals the secret histories and lies of some of the setting’s most important figures.

Houses of the Unholy goes into detail about the workings of the Old One cults, with an especial focus on the day-to-day workings of a particular localized cell (often called “chapterhouses”) of a given cult.

Sigil & Sign Player’s Guide offers some practical advice on how to play, mixed in with our usual pieces of creepy, in-world flavour and design. This sourcebook will also offer new rules, including new Bequests and new Axioms.

The System

The games of the Unspeakable setting will be designed and published first under the latest evolution of the Axiom System, the engine Make Believe Games uses for all its original RPGs. Axiom does away with the traditional character sheet in favour of hands of cards. (No pencils or paper required!)
When arrayed in front of players, these cards tell them everything they need to have on hand, from Skills to special abilities to setting concerns such as political faction or rare access to important resources.

These cards serve double and triple duty as dice roll influencers and as the measure of a character’s health. The more powerful the character, the more cards one can have in play.

You can make an Axiom System character in minutes. Each persona is as compelling and as different from another as you want it to be, with the same cards having the potential to represent different things narratively from character to character.

Axiom games are not only the ultimate pick-up games for roleplaying, but also robust venues for experimentation and improvisation with the hobby itself. The Axiom System allows a group to pick and choose which Axioms (core rules) everyone wants to play with.

The Campaign
We're going to run a compact campaign, so be sure to get on board quickly! We have a variety of pledge levels, which allow you to chose how deeply you wish to explore this new setting. We also have a selection of very exciting stretch goals if we're lucky enough to win your support.

Unspeakable Sigil and Sign will launch this week!


This week we're launching our Kickstarter for Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign. We spoke to lead writer, and the creator of the game, CA Suleiman to get the inside story:

Give us the elevator pitch for the game? What’s it all about?
Unspeakable is a cosmic horror setting that features perhaps the ultimate role reversal, allowing players to take on personas not of ordinary people investigating or otherwise drawn into the Mythos, but the personas of those who actually inhabit the Mythos.

There are a lot of other Mythos games on the market right now. What makes Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign different?
As both game and product, a number of things make Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign different from other Mythos-oriented offerings, but the two chief features are the central concept and the default system it uses. No other Mythos game pulls back the veil of mystery on the Mythos itself in this way, and of course only MBG projects feature our in-house RPG engine, the Axiom System.
So who are your characters in Unspeakable Sigil & Sign? What kinds of things do you do in the game?
The chief protagonists of Sigil & Sign are called Outsiders. They are the cultists, servants, cast-offs, and misbegotten children of the Old Ones, living lives caught between two very different worlds.
Make Believe Games have published some games that use a very different format than the average RPG. Will Sigil & Sign follow suit? Tell us more about that!
One thing we at MBG are proud of is our approach to designing and releasing major RPG products. Unlike most companies, who print one corebook (or a couple) that's all-inclusive of both game rule information and setting presentation, we offer a system-free corebook that serves purely as a world and character guide, while attaching our core rules and cards (for our card-based system) as separate-but-equally-core products. Additionally, all core rules are made available for free as downloads on our website.
Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign uses the Axiom system that powers I Am Zombie. What can you tell us about it? How does it work? What sort of system is it?
The Axiom System is a story-driven game engine that runs almost entirely on cards and dice. Gone is the traditional character sheet, replaced by hands of cards that show in simple terms what a character can do, and moving cards around during play is a tactically compelling way to keep players engaged in the story. With the addition of tokens, old school pencil-and-paper bookkeeping at the table becomes a thing of the past.
The art we’ve seen looks really atmospheric - who are the art team?
The finished product will be the result of the efforts of a whole team of creatives, but the mad scientist behind the art direction and most of the portrait art you'll see during the campaign and on the game cards is Mark Kelly, our Art Director here at MBG. Other fine artists are coming aboard, but they're all following Mark's gifted lead.
Teaming up with Cubicle 7 was a surprising move - can you tell us more about that decision? How did the partnership come about?
For MBG to team up with Cubicle 7 might not be an obvious notion to some, but I think it's one of the strongest ideas I've had in relation to a project that I like to think is chock full of strong ideas. Beyond C7's strong track record of producing quality RPGs, the partnership also allows us, at MBG, to focus more on the creative side of getting all the project components together (a tall order with an approach like ours). There's also the practical market side, as we know that Mythos stuff is very popular in Europe, and as a European company, C7 is well situated to help us get this exciting new idea onto a range of tables we might otherwise have missed.
Anything that you’re especially excited about in the Kickstarter? Anything exclusive or especially unique?

The Sigil & Sign Kickstarter is going to be amazing. Once the core project is funded, we'll be offering a host of cool stretch goals that create support content and material, from product enhancements and upgrades to the Axiom System Play Mat to original tie-in fiction by well known Mythos authors.

Thanks CA for taking the time away from hectic KS prep to fill us in! All being well, Unspeakable Sigil and Sign launches this week!

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We're all fantastically excited to see Doctor Who back on screens! We can't wait for tomorrow when we'll get to see what happens next to Bill and the Doctor. In the meantime tonight we'll be getting in a few games of Time Clash and Dalek Dice, and working on some fiendish plots for our next collection of Doctor Who Roleplaying Game adventures!

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It's GM's Day and time to grab yourself a bargain! Loads of Cubicle 7 PDFs, including the smash hit Adventures in Middle-earth Players Guide are 30% off!
GMsDay2017-Banner-DTRPG1Click the image or just head here: Gimme that GM's Day Sale Happy Time Feeling!

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