Happy New Year!

Gosh, we're already incredibly busy in 2018, hard at work on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition, Moria for The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth, and our new system for horror gaming that will power  World War Cthulhu and Cthulhu Britannica (and more)! Not to mention our Dungeon Abbey card games, which are shaping up to be something really special! It's all go!
Yesterday we took delivery of an enormous consignment of printed items in the UK. These are also due to arrive in the US in a couple of weeks.

On hand in the UK we now have:
Terror of the Darklords and the Narrator's Screen for Lone Wolf Adventure Game
Our American Cousins for World War Cthulhu (This one won't go on general sale, but will be heading out to customers who pre-ordered it)
And at last, Eaves of Mirkwood and Loremaster's Screen for Adventures in Middle-earth!

A reportage photo from the frenzied scenes in the C7 UK HQ as ALL THE GAMES get packed for dispatch!

We'll be dispatching copies of all of these to UK/European/"Rest of World" pre-order customers and Kickstarter backers beginning this week. As soon as they reach the US warehouse we'll get them sent out to our US customers. Stay tuned for confirmation of that.

Meanwhile in the US, dispatch is complete for C7 pre-orders of Mirkwood Campaign and The Road Goes Ever On for Adventures in Middle-earth.

The Road Goes Ever On hits US stores in January, The Mirkwood Campaign in February, so keep your eyes peeled for those if you didn't pre-order.

In upcoming pre-order land we have Rivendell Region Guide for Adventures in Middle-earth, Laughter of Dragons for The One Ring, Realm of Sommerlund for Lone Wolf and the Twelfth Doctor Sourcebook for Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. We'll also continue The Enemy Within Campaign for WFRP First Edition in PDF.

Lots to look forward to in 2018! Oh! We forgot to mention - it's our tenth birthday this year, so we'll be kicking off celebrations very soon. Stay tuned!


This week we’re heading to Essen Spiel! You’ll find us in Hall 6, stand C120

We’ll have copies of the brand new Cthulhu Tales, and if we’re lucky we might even get designers Francesco and Marco to sign some copies! Or even play a round or two!

We’re also delighted to have a pre-release version of Giftmas at Dungeon Abbey available for sale! This delightfully horrid card game is fast and furious fun, and our first foray into the Dungeons beneath the Abbey!

Giftmas designer Rob Harper will be on hand to show you the game and sign your extremely limited edition pre-release copy! There’s also the exclusive chance to send us some feedback and get credited in the main release of the game.

We’ve heard a whisper (Ok, we know, we’re going to dinner with him, but we do so love to be mysterious) that Doctor Who Time Clash Designer and all-round amazing guy Jeff Tidball will be around too. You might be able to get your copy signed by the designer himself!

Of course, we’ll have stock of all your C7 favourites on the booth – Doctor Who Time Clash, Dalek Dice, Doctor Who Card Game, One Ring, Adventures in Middle-earth, Lone Wolf Adventure Game and more.

We’ll also be announcing something else very special indeed for The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth. Swing by Hall 6 and find us at stand C120. Just look for our brand new European-based Tower of Boothness!

A note on web orders
Since it's all available hands on deck for this grandest of shows, all non-US web store orders won’t ship out until we've returned from Essen next week; however, PDF links will still be sent as normal. Orders within the US will not be affected. Thank you for your patience!

See you in Deutschland!


We’re going to UK Games Expo this weekend!

Swing by our booth and check out a host of new releases, grab Adventures in Middle-earth Players and Loremaster’s Guides, ask us questions we may or may not answer about our new announcements: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game, and pick up the latest releases from all your favourites! We’re also running some special offers exclusive to the show, so be sure to drop by.

You’ll be able to enjoy some exclusive first looks at the prototypes of our newest card games:

• The first expansion for Doctor Who Time Clash: Against The Cybermen.
Against the Cybermen introduces new Hybrid cards, a ton of new arcs and a relentless, indefatigable enemy. Plus the Eleventh Doctor deck! Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set will be available to demo and buy! It’s a brilliant game from superstar designer Jeff Tidball that changes every time you play.

Giftmas at Dungeon Abbey
We wish it could be Giftmas every day, and now it can be with the hellish inhabitants of Dungeon Abbey. Will you get the gifts you want? Or will it be bombs for Giftmas again? Dungeon Abbey is a fast and furious game by Rob Harper.

Dungeon Abbey: The Shooting Party
Pull! It’s time to open the dungeon doors and blast whatever comes out. I bet I can bag more than you! Balderdash! Look out! A giant acidic jelly cube! Both barrels! The Shooting Party is a game for 1 to 4 villainous toffs by Rob Harper.

Cthulhu Tales
We have the very first copy of this horrifying but oh so entertaining story-telling game from the twisted minds of Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi.

See you there!