The cover to Victoriana 3rd Edition

The cover to Victoriana 3rd Edition

In our continuing series of previews of Victoriana 3rd Edtion C7 art director Jon Hodgson talks about the production of the cover art for the game:

"With a new edition comes a new cover.  Victoriana is a favourite game at C7, it’s been a solid line for a long time.  This brings a certain amount of pressure when time comes to make a new cover.


As we excitedly await the return of GOD GAME BLACK from the printers, we thought now would be a good time to take a look at some of the art inside the book.

GOD GAME BLACK follows the events, characters, organisations and locations of The Apocalypse Codex, the fourth Laundry novel by Charles Stross.

This 144 page softcover supplement for The Laundry rpg expands on the revelations of The Apocalypse Codex novel and sends your games hurtling towards Armageddon. Inside, you’ll find:

• External Assets, the Laundry’s deniable operations department
• Secrets of the Black Chamber
• Dossier reports on CODICIL BLACK SKULL and the Plateau of the Sleeper
• Two new adventures
and many more horrors...

Written by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, this book features the illustrative talents of Jon Hodgson, Pat Loboyko, Rich Longmore, Pat MacEvoy, Sam Manley, Scott Neil, Scott Purdy, Graeme Neil Reid, Mattias Snygg

We're proud to give you just a taste of some of that art below:


You can preorder GOD GAME BLACK here and get the PDF now, or wait for it to hit stores in a few weeks time.

GOD GAME BLACK Pre-orders open
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You could be forgiven for thinking, amidst all this Doctor Who madness, that we had forgotten about The One Ring. Nothing could be further from the truth. Work continues every day on new One Ring products, several of which are yet to be announced.  We're committed to maintaining the high standards of the line to date and to bringing you the very best in Middle-earth gaming.

With that in mind we're most happy to unveil the covers to The Heart of the Wild and Darkening of Mirkwood, the next two supplements to be released.  The Heart of the Wild covers Mirkwood and the Vales of Anduin, providing Loremasters with all the information they could need on this rich area for adventure.  The Darkening of Mirkwood is the much anticipated 30 year campaign that follows events in Mirkwood as the Shadow reclaims to his fortress at Dol Guldur.

Both books are penned by Gareth Ryder Hanrahan, with Francesco Nepitello and covers are by One Ring artist Jon Hodgson.


Here they are without trade dress, in full wraparound glory:

We'll bring you firm release dates for these two books as soon as we have them.

The One Ring
Tales from Wilderland
LM's Screen and Laketown Sourcebook


With The Doctor Who Card Game being a great seller in stores over the festive season, we thought it was about time we caught up with some more about the game.  C7 art director Jon Hodgson writes:

What a challenge!  Behind the cut you can read some of the behind the scenes art department gossip, as well as see a selection of card art images from each of the artists who worked on the game.


The design team that brought you the gorgeously dark period stylings of Shadows over Scotland wanted to push the bar higher for Folklore.  And that's just what they've done.  Here are some sample pdfs from the book for your enjoyment. Just click the images to download the linked PDF files.


Pre order Folklore in hard copy, bundled with the PDF

Buy the standalone  PDF version now on rpgnow

Cthulhu Britannica: Folklore  Announced - featuring an overview of the contents.

Cthulhu Britannica: Folklore Art Preview - a glimpse of things to come.
Cthulhu Britannica - learn more about this line of officially licensed Call of Cthulhu Sourcebooks.
Shadows over Scotland - the award winning book from the same team.


With the high standards set by Shadows over Scotland the Cubicle 7 art team have been pulling out all the stops on Folklore.  Here is just a small sample of the art to be found within Cthulhu Britannica: Folklore:



Illustrators working on this book are:   Andy Hepworth, Jon HodgsonPat Loboyko, Eric Lofgren, Rich Longmore, Jeremy McHughSam Manley Scott Neil and Scott Purdy.


Pre order Folklore in hard copy, bundled with the PDF

Buy the standalone  PDF version now on rpgnow

Cthulhu Britannica: Folklore  Announced - featuring an overview of the contents.

Cthulhu Britannica - learn more about this line of officially licensed Call of Cthulhu Sourcebooks.
Shadows over Scotland - the award winning book from the same team.


As if the recent win at Lucca Games and Comics Fair  wasn't enough, The One Ring™ roleplaying game has received another award in the shape of a Golden Geek for Best Artwork and Presentation!  We're delighted to receive this honour from the RPGGeek.com community.  Thank you to the Golden Geek organisers and everyone who took the time to vote in the awards.

The One Ring™ webpage
Golden Geek 2012 Results




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“...the desolation was now filled with birds and blossoms in spring and fruit and feasting in autumn.”

A preview of the art from the Lake-town Sourcebook, by Jon Hodgson.  In stores now!

The LM's Screen and Lake-town Sourcebook presents this fascinating setting in detail, including:

A guide to Lake-town, its inhabitants and culture
More information on the Long Marshes and the creatures dwelling within
New Fellowship Phase activities
A new playable culture – Men of the Lake.

Also included in this product is the heavy-duty card Loremaster’s Screen, which presents useful information for easy reference during a game and features stunning art from The One Ring artist Jon Hodgson.

The One Ring
The LM's Screen page
LM's Screen & Lake-town videos on Youtube

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Peter Pan by Rich Longmore from Shadows over Scotland

Cubicle 7 Art director Jon Hodgson writes:
Rich Longmore has worked with Cubicle 7 for as long as I have.  Unbreakably reliable, his sharp and stylish line work forms the perfect counterpoint to our heavier painted styles, and I love how it breaks up a book with its change of pace.  Whilst just today I've had some marvellous work in from Rich for a forthcoming Cthulhu Britannia book, the piece I'm going to highlight here is actually my single favourite piece of C7 art that I have commissioned.  It comes from Stuart Boon's Shadows Over Scotland, for Cthulhu Britannia.  Briefing artists can be a funny old business.  What seems simple when conveyed in the written word can make for pieces of art which can potentially be incredibly complex and time consuming to create.

Depicting a performance of Peter Pan could have been just such a piece.  When we read of such a subject our mind's eye very quickly fills in a huge amount of detail - the audience, a darkened theatre, the lights on stage, scenery, performers in costume and so on.  This delightful illustration of just that subject by Rich wouldn't be out of place in a children's book.  It has a real charm to it, and opening up emails with treasures like this one inside really makes the job of art director a joy.


The files are about to head off to the printers, and so we are pleased to declare preorders for License to Summon for The Laundry RPG are now open! Head over here to place your order: http://shop.cubicle7store.com/epages/es113347.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es113347_shop/Products/CB71205

Here's a first glimpse at some of the eldritch horrors that await in the pages of License to Summon for The Laundry. Layout is by Paul Bourne.  Click the images to view PDF versions.

Written by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Andy Klosky, John Snead, Jay Stratton and Jason Durall, License to Summon for The Laundry rpg explores the dark side of Computational Demonology and arcane science within the Laundry, as well as the magic of other agencies... and other entities. New spells, new gadgets, new ways to end the world!

"Wisely did Ibn Schacabao say, that happy is the tomb where no wizard hath lain, happy the town at night whose wizards are all ashes, and happy the line manager whose wizards hath filled in their timesheets for this Sabbat-night."