CA Suleiman on Unspeakable Sigil & Sign

This week we're launching our Kickstarter for Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign. We spoke to lead writer, and the creator of the game, CA Suleiman to get the inside story:

Give us the elevator pitch for the game? What’s it all about?
Unspeakable is a cosmic horror setting that features perhaps the ultimate role reversal, allowing players to take on personas not of ordinary people investigating or otherwise drawn into the Mythos, but the personas of those who actually inhabit the Mythos.

There are a lot of other Mythos games on the market right now. What makes Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign different?
As both game and product, a number of things make Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign different from other Mythos-oriented offerings, but the two chief features are the central concept and the default system it uses. No other Mythos game pulls back the veil of mystery on the Mythos itself in this way, and of course only MBG projects feature our in-house RPG engine, the Axiom System.
So who are your characters in Unspeakable Sigil & Sign? What kinds of things do you do in the game?
The chief protagonists of Sigil & Sign are called Outsiders. They are the cultists, servants, cast-offs, and misbegotten children of the Old Ones, living lives caught between two very different worlds.
Make Believe Games have published some games that use a very different format than the average RPG. Will Sigil & Sign follow suit? Tell us more about that!
One thing we at MBG are proud of is our approach to designing and releasing major RPG products. Unlike most companies, who print one corebook (or a couple) that's all-inclusive of both game rule information and setting presentation, we offer a system-free corebook that serves purely as a world and character guide, while attaching our core rules and cards (for our card-based system) as separate-but-equally-core products. Additionally, all core rules are made available for free as downloads on our website.
Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign uses the Axiom system that powers I Am Zombie. What can you tell us about it? How does it work? What sort of system is it?
The Axiom System is a story-driven game engine that runs almost entirely on cards and dice. Gone is the traditional character sheet, replaced by hands of cards that show in simple terms what a character can do, and moving cards around during play is a tactically compelling way to keep players engaged in the story. With the addition of tokens, old school pencil-and-paper bookkeeping at the table becomes a thing of the past.
The art we’ve seen looks really atmospheric - who are the art team?
The finished product will be the result of the efforts of a whole team of creatives, but the mad scientist behind the art direction and most of the portrait art you'll see during the campaign and on the game cards is Mark Kelly, our Art Director here at MBG. Other fine artists are coming aboard, but they're all following Mark's gifted lead.
Teaming up with Cubicle 7 was a surprising move - can you tell us more about that decision? How did the partnership come about?
For MBG to team up with Cubicle 7 might not be an obvious notion to some, but I think it's one of the strongest ideas I've had in relation to a project that I like to think is chock full of strong ideas. Beyond C7's strong track record of producing quality RPGs, the partnership also allows us, at MBG, to focus more on the creative side of getting all the project components together (a tall order with an approach like ours). There's also the practical market side, as we know that Mythos stuff is very popular in Europe, and as a European company, C7 is well situated to help us get this exciting new idea onto a range of tables we might otherwise have missed.
Anything that you’re especially excited about in the Kickstarter? Anything exclusive or especially unique?

The Sigil & Sign Kickstarter is going to be amazing. Once the core project is funded, we'll be offering a host of cool stretch goals that create support content and material, from product enhancements and upgrades to the Axiom System Play Mat to original tie-in fiction by well known Mythos authors.

Thanks CA for taking the time away from hectic KS prep to fill us in! All being well, Unspeakable Sigil and Sign launches this week!

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