Asia Fantastic Bundle of Holding + Qin: The Warring States RPG

Good news! For the next 2 weeks you'll be able to partake of the Asia Fantastic Bundle of Holding – an exclusive deal for a bundle of RPG e-books – including almost all of the Qin: The Warring States RPG line and all of its supplements – at an amazing price.

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Qin: The Warring States is set in semi-mythological Ancient China, casting the players as heroes from legend using mystical powers to battle supernatural foes – jumping from rooftop to rooftop, exorcising demons and striking at your foes with a whirlwind of blades. The bundle presents almost all of the Qin: The Warring States RPG product line as DRM-free, non-watermarked .PDF ebooks for a bargain price.

Bundleofholding.com is a brilliant site where you can chose what to pay for a collection of DRM-free PDFs. If you pay over the average price you get access to a bunch of extra e-books.

The Asia Fantastic Bundle of Holding’s Starter Collection (US$9.95, retail value $55) includes the complete Qin: The Warring States Core Rulebook and the Qin Bestiary amongst other fine books. And if you pay more than the threshold price, you'll level up and get all 4 supplements in the Bonus Collection (retail value $48), including Qin Legends, The Art of War and The Tournament of Scarlet and White. It's everything you need to become a legendary hero!

If things go well, over the course of the Bundle offer there might be even more e-books added, in which case everyone who's thrown in for the Bundle will get links to those too! Even more reason to pledge early and tell all your friends to pitch in too.

And that's not all. A portion of proceeds goes to good causes. The Asia Fantastic Bundle is supporting Human Rights Watch, which is a nonprofit organisation that monitors, reports on and advocates for human rights and justice around the world.

The Asia Fantastic Bundle of Holding is only running for the next 2 weeks, so make sure you don't miss out.

About Qin: The Warring States


Qin is a roleplaying game of exciting adventure in a mythical China. Become a hero of Chinese legend – intrigue, combat, quests, magic and supernatural creatures await!

Enter the epic world of Warring States China, a world of colourful myths and timeless legends, bold wu xia and beautiful courtesans, wise scholars and scheming eunuchs, exorcists and monsters… All await the daring exploits and noble deeds of a new generation of heroes!

You’re already a hero – but you’re about to become a legend!

Read more at Qin: The Warring States’ own webpage: http://cubicle7.co.uk/our-games/qin/

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