Adventures in Middle-earth – The Road Goes Ever On

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we’ll be opening the pre-order for, and releasing the PDF version of, The Road Goes Ever On for Adventures in Middle-earth! To whet your appetite for travel here’s a sneak peak at the contents page of the 32 page supplement that comes as part of the package:
As you can see, the supplement is packed full of additional information to make the most of your Adventures in Middle-earth journeys, with:

Extra inspiration for Journey Events; helpful tables to generate and inspire encounters; a generation system for Middle-earth ruins; a selection of pre-made monster groups to drop into your Journeys; some battle maps for camp sites; a new optional system for awarding XP to those characters who chose to evade combat; more inspiration for the wonders of Middle-earth; places to stay; XP on the road, plus Dooms of Departure and Oaths of Return!

It’s absolutely full to the brim!

Also included are four double-sided maps that cover known Middle-earth, with one side for Players and one side for Loremasters.

Stay tuned for release tomorrow!

And TOR fans, we haven't forgotten you: Oaths of the Riddermark, the campaign that accompanies Horse-lords of Rohan is almost done!

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