Adventures in Middle-earth – Loremaster’s Guide in US stores May 3rd

Get ready! The Loremaster's Guide for Adventures in Middle-earth will be appearing in US stores next week! (It is on UK shelves right now)
Adventures in Middle-earth™ is our Middle-earth setting for the 5th edition OGL.

The gorgeous hard cover, full colour Player's Guide is in stores now, and gives you everything you need to make characters and start playing.

The Loremaster's Guide offers expanded rules, new options, a Wilderland bestiary, guidance on making magic items, and tons of advice for the Loremaster.

Wilderland Adventures is a set of seven linked adventures that will take your company all across Wilderland. It's available now for pre-order or in PDF. Pre-order at our store, or a participating Bits and Mortar store come with a free PDF.

The Road Goes Ever On is a beautiful large format map set, covering known Middle-earth that comes with a booklet of extra travel rules and options. It's coming soon.

Find out more about Adventures in Middle-Earth here: http://cubicle7.co.uk/our-games/adventures-in-middle-earth/

Or grab PDF versions here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com

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