6 real-world facts that inspired Europe Ablaze

Europe Ablaze, our scenario anthology for World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour, is in US gaming stores now – and will be in stores the rest of the world over soon.

World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour draws on the real history of the SOE in the Second World War, and our writers exhaustively researched the topic. We asked them to reveal the most interesting facts they learned while writing the scenarios in Europe Ablaze.

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“While reading MRD Foot’s book SOE in France, I came across the marvellously named Operation Ratweek, a mostly unsuccessful SOE assassination campaign targeting the Gestapo, collaborators and others likely to impede the Resistance. This operation ended up as the backdrop for my scenario, Sleeper Agents.” – Nick Robinson

“The existence of the Cinecitta, a movie-making city that was approved by Mussolini. This meshed perfectly with the main plot of my adventure, The Play is the Thing, and helped ground it in reality.” – Walt Ciechanowski

“I discovered the grim fates of the agents who undertook Operation Musketoon, the real-world mission upon that I based some of the events in my scenario, We Will Remember Them, upon. Seven of the agents ended up in Colditz Castle, only later to be moved to Camp Sachsenhausen, where they were each executed with a bullet to the back of the head.” – Paul Fricker

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“I learned about the history of the Comet line and its role in the Belgian Resistance. We hear much about the French Resistance – and rightfully so – but the resistance movements in other countries are much less well known. Learning about Andrée de Jongh and her group’s efforts in repatriating downed airmen was incredibly interesting. My scenario, Lift Not Thy Hands, involved both the Comet line and the Belgian Resistance.” – Andy Nicholson

“I’d never realised the extent of the conflict that existed between the left and right wings of the Greek Resistance during the war. They both wanted a free Greece, but on their own terms. The political differences between the ELAS and the EDES ultimately couldn't be resolved and led to the Greek Civil War, which became the first major conflict of the Cold War. It was fascinating to research the one single moment that the two groups came together to work with the SOE against the occupying Axis forces before they went their separate ways, some of which is played out in The Angel of the Abyss.” – Matthew Sanderson

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“I didn’t know about the shocking number of attacks on hospital ships throughout the war. While these ships were clearly marked and protected by international treaties, more than 20 were sunk by forces on both sides of the conflict. Whether the ship in Stowaways will be the 21st is very much up to the investigators in my scenario.” – Scott Dorward

About Europe Ablaze


On the 16th July, 1940, Winston Churchill told Hugh Dalton, the newly appointed head of the Special Operations Executive, to “set Europe ablaze”. With this simple instruction Churchill set in motion some of the most dangerous and brilliant actions of the Second World War. The men and women of SOE performed acts of sabotage, subversion and espionage so extraordinary that if they were portrayed as fiction, they would beggar belief. These agents pushed bravery and human endurance past limits that most of us can only imagine.

Europe Ablaze presents six missions demanding such resourcefulness and determination, all set in the European theatre of operations. Some are inspired by SOE missions or historical events, while others take a more imaginative view of the conflict, but all are rooted in the all-too-real horrors that the Second World War brought about. All of them also add that special twist that being part of N’s network demands, and the dangers of the Mythos will prove at least as deadly as a bullet from the Gestapo.

Europe Ablaze is an anthology of six Call of Cthulhu scenarios set in the Second World War. Softcover, 144 pages, written by Walt Ciechanowski, Scott Dorward, Paul Fricker, Andy Nicholson, Nick Robinson and Matt Sanderson. Cover by Jon Hodgson, interior art by Scott Purdy, design by Paul Bourne.

Europe Ablaze is available now in US gaming stores and in PDF, and in the rest of the world soon.


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